Libya’s High National Elections Commission (HNEC)

The High National Elections Commission is set to handle and manage the electoral process by the resolution No. (8 / 2013) issued by the General National Council. The commission will provide the mechanism, terms of the electoral process plus it will schedule a document delivery dates in according to the rules made by resolution No. (17 /2013).

Role in developing SmartElect

HNEC directed the creation and development of Smartelect's electoral tools to assist with democracy implementation.

Caktus Consulting Group

Caktus Group is a custom web and SMS application development firm that has built over 100 solutions, reaching more than 70 million people.

For SmartElect, Caktus can customize the system to different electoral processes, integrate it with existing systems, train developers, and build additional features.

“Even under the most difficult situations, Caktus displayed their professionalism and expertise. Beyond that, at all times they worked hand-in-hand with the Commission, as though we were one team working towards one goal. Working with Caktus was a pleasure, I am proud of what we have achieved together...” - Fadia Hadi. Former Head of Data Management, Libya High National Elections Commission

Role in developing SmartElect

Caktus Group was HNEC's technical lead in creating the Libya SMS voter registration system. Caktus also led the open sourcing of the code base and coordinated subcontractors.

Forsa Consulting

Forsa Consulting ( is an international strategy, design, and implementation firm. We help businesses, governments, and organizations build and deliver the best services in the world’s most challenging environments.

Role in developing SmartElect

Forsa principals worked with HNEC in Libya to manage the design and deployment of HNEC's election system during the 2014 elections.

Praekelt Foundation's mission is to use open source technologies to deliver essential information and inclusive services to millions of people around the world.

Role in developing SmartElect

Praekelt Foundation developed Vumi, the scalable infrastructure powering the SMS messaging and direct MNO integration.

Ona Systems Inc

Ona Systems is a software engineering and design social enterprise based in Nairobi, Kenya and New York, NY, USA. We make tools to help organizations collect and make use of data to help address some of the world’s great challenges. Our team has been on the forefront of developing ICT solutions in development over the past 10 years. This includes projects implemented on the ground in: Libya, Kenya, Senegal, Mali, Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Haiti, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and India.

Role in developing SmartElect

We developed and implemented the Election Tallying System.

The MIS Department Inc

The MIS Department, Inc. (MIS) is an information company. Our name (MIS: Management Information Systems) describes the practice of better understanding the relationship of three entities: people, technology, and organizations. Information Technology (IT) as a term hides one of the three entities: people. Technology alone is rarely the problem. We at MIS put people first and last; technology is there only when required: we do not sell technologies to organizations; we offer services and solutions to people.

Role in developing SmartElect

MIS designed and maintained a robust and reliable systems infrastructure solution for the SmartElect application.

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